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The well known Marketing, Management and Training Agency ''Genuine Effect'' bring the partnership with Dr. Yehuda Hamovitz (Founder of DH & Associates) in Albania and Kosovo

Days before, you were holding a seminar at Tirana. What was 'the MODEM' you were talking in this seminar ?

"The MODEM" is a meta-model dealing with decision making, whether professional or personal, that empowers the decision taker and prefers it upon providing him with recipes. The world of business administration is shifting from general economic models to leadership and leaders coming with personal economic model to match the needs of the market and challenges it rises. The MODEM, which stands for Me-Others-Decisions-Emotions-Mistakes, is a 5 milestones journey towards the individual as a decision taker, empowering and sporting him and allowing him to create his own model for that.

What was the feedback of your training ?

Along my visit to Tirana I gave 2 lectures. One, at Sheraton hotel, in front of senior managers and HR directors, organized and hosted by Genuine Effect, and the second in front of master students at the faculty of economics and business administration at the University of Tirana hosted by Prof. Shyqyri Llaci. Both lectures were perceived very well and humbly said were excellent with significant feedback. I was honored and privileged to be invited by Prof. Llaci to give another lecture at the faculty while my next visit to Tirana.

What is the purpose of your job ?

I am the senior associate – founder in a forum called DH&A. This forum is assembled from some of the best professors, scholars, consultants and experts in Europe. The purpose of my job is to provide my clients with the most suitable and tailored made solutions to challenges they are facing. The deep knowledge, vast international experience and the state of the art practices that we developed allows us to become a leading entity in three main topics, consulting organizations and their managements, become the gatekeeper of organization by testing and assessing people in and for senior positions and assisting organizations in developing their managers' skills, capabilities and potential.

This is not your first time in Albania. Can you tell us something regarding your experience with our country ?

I have visited Albania for about 20 times. This is my first visit since 5 years. Albania was always very good, warm and welcoming for me. When I came for the first time, at 2007, I instantly felt the warmth of the people, their willingness to connect and their ambition to develop and succeed. I was very impressed by the young generation, bright, intelligent, and involved with aspiration to become influential, successful and bring good to themselves, their families and for the country.

What do you suggest to Albanian Government for improve the economy and foreign investment in the country ?

This is a much wider question to be answered in an interview. Nevertheless I will try to demonstrate three stages of development that can change the economic situation of the country and its inhabitants. 1. Low-tech: as for now the attractive advantage of Albania is workforce. While the production in south-east Asia becomes more expensive to the producers, because of salary rise, shipping and insurance expenses and quality control issues they are looking for location with tax advantages and relatively cheap workforce to produce in Europe. Albania, through flexible legislation and monetary policy can become a significant and attractive place for investments. The example - Slovakia.

2. Middle-tech: using the physical assets of the country, mainly land. The idea is to develop the agriculture with modern watering, greenhouses etc and become a major supplier of fresh food for Europe – The example – Romania. At the same time open Albania to investments in tourism using the long beach to build resorts and other sea attractions – The example – Turkish Riviera and Croatia.

3. High-tech: after significant investments in computer sciences studies, with all its scope of knowledge and professions, at the country's universities and with careful planned development of country's legislation as for foreign investment and taxation Albania can become attractive to high-tech companies to invest in opening development centers and relocate people from around the world to Albania. This should give a boost to the economy. The example – Ireland.

The global changes (economy-globalization), are effects even Albania. How we can face it, in order to have a good impact for our economy ?

Globalization, besides being an economic system is at the same time a social phenomenon and as such Albania, as a developing country, should embrace it. Globalization means that in every place in the world you will find something that is familiar to you, from food through electronics and till people from your country relocated there. Globalization means that if you rule its language you will always find someone who can speak it. Globalization is also a compromise on traditional and local values and embracing the global ones that usually are more plural, liberal and secular. More traditional societies will find it difficult to embrace globalization because of the anxiety from the changes that might affect the foundation of the society and the way it perceives things.

Nevertheless the Albanian society, through its leaders, must take the decision as for the whereabouts of the country and its intention as for the civil society and as for the states' economy. Humbly I will say that it is time for change in Albania. If the country wants to keep the young and bright forces in the country it should give them a voice, the voice that comes with open minds, exchange of thoughts, liberalism and yes globalization.

What can Israeli investment bring in Albania and what can Albania offer to them? Is there a good collaboration between them actually ?

The best person to answer this question is H.E. Boaz Rodkin, the Israeli ambassador to Albania. In general I think that Israeli's to invest in Albania, as for now, will look for land, sea and workforce. Israeli's can be involved in agriculture using land and workforce, sea agriculture and fish farms and developing the tourism industry.

Albania and Israel had always special relations based on mutual history. This relations are realized daily in many layers. Of course this didn’t prevent us from beating you in football. I think that culturally we are close, we share many things, from traditional values to taste in food. This might be the reason that I feel while visiting Albania at home.

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